Would you buy this Charmin toilet paper bear hoodie?

Here's another installment in my series, "Is this company punking us?" 

Look, I'm all for clothing with cute ears that makes you feel like you're part (non-human) animal when you wear it. I used to have a black hoodie that was adorned with multicolored fabric "dinosaur spikes." I was bummed when it shrank too small to wear. Heck, if I had an extra $250, I'd even commit fully and buy one of these animal onesies from Blamo‚ÄĒthey have bunnies and unicorns and monkeys and wolves and bats and foxes and more. I think they're adorable! 

But I think I draw the line at this hoodie being sold by Charmin, the toilet paper company, for $29.99. It's a white hoodie, with a pocket in the front, little ears on the hood, and a graphic of one of the bears from the Charmin commercials (the ones that used to live in a forest and used Charmin to wipe their poop but who now inexplicably live in a house and use toilets), along with the slogan "Own the Throne." I know the company is just punking us, and the folks who buy it (and leave reviews) are doing so with a great deal of irony, but still, why does life have to be like this? One review posted on the Charmin twitter page reads: 

5 stars. OMG this is actually amazing. I spend minimum up to 140 minutes a day on the toilet to just be able to wear this for that time while I'm on the toilet is such a great feeling such a soft hoodie and I love the little ears. It makes me feel like one of the bears in the commercials. –Mr. SaddleBackMoneyStacks

I'm with the person who commented on the ad I saw for the hoodie on Facebook who said, "That's too much dedication for over-priced toilet paper lmfao." And it made me laugh when one commenter asked, "Is it made out of Charmin toilet paper?" The company responded: "Wouldn't that be something, Alex? That would truly make it multipurpose, butt no, it's 80% cotton, 20% polyester. ūüėä If you have any further questions, roll em' on over!" I'm sure the misspelling of "but" was intentional. Sigh. 

I won't be buying the sweatshirt, but I will be watching this video, created by YouTuber GregCubed, that provides a funny critique of the Charmin bear ads, which debuted in 2001 and that, in his words, feature a family of bears who are "obsessed with pooping."