Herschel Walker directed a $500k political donation into his business

Pretend FBI and Police officer, werewolf enthusiast, and former candidate for a US Senate seat in Georgia, by way of Texas, Herschel Walker has been shown to have directed a huge political donation into a personal business. Walker was a disaster on the campaign trail but an adherent to the Church of Trump, so stealing directly from his donors is not out of the question.

Walker had billionaire buddy Dennis Washington wire money straight to a company owned by Walker and not to his campaign. The company in question is called "HR Talent, LLC" and sounds legitimate.

Daily Beast:

While Walker's campaign was battered from the jump by a hurricane of controversies, this situation stands out.

According to the legal experts who spoke to The Daily Beast for this article, this scheme appears to not just be illegal—it appears to be unparalleled in its audacity and scope. The transactions raise questions about a slew of possible violations. In fact, these experts all said, the scheme was so brazen that it appears to defy explanation, ranking it among the most egregious campaign finance violations in modern history.

Saurav Ghosh, director of federal reform at Campaign Legal Center, called the arrangement "jaw-dropping." Jordan Libowitz, communications director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said if Walker "used the campaign to funnel money into his own business, that's one of the biggest campaign finance crimes I've ever heard of." Brendan Fischer, a campaign finance lawyer and deputy executive director of Documented, remarked that the exchanges were "stunning and, to my knowledge, without parallel in recent history."