May the Fourth: Mehdi Hasan on the politics of "Andor"

What is my sacrifice? I'm condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them. I burn my decency for someone else's future. I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I'll never see. And the ego that started this fight will never have a mirror or an audience or the light of gratitude. So what do I sacrifice? Everything! You'll stay with me, Lonni. I need all the heroes I can get. — Luthen Rael, "Andor"

Mehdi Hasan does a fantastic breakdown and analysis of Disney+ Star Wars show about resisting fascism, Andor. Hasan also leads a panel in discussing what we're learning from Andor and what the popularity of this series tells us about ourselves today.

The first season of Andor showed us the cruelty of the Empire, and celebrated the lives of those who resist it, regardless of how futile their deaths may have been. While we know how things work out for the titular character, I am super excited to see where Luthen Rael ends up.

Featured Image: YouTube/MSNBC