Saudi Arabia invites LGBTQ visitors to vacation there

Saudi Arabia, which executes homosexuals and uses allegations of homosexuality as a pretense to execute others, is inviting LGBTQ visitors to spend their leisure time in the kingdom.

The website of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) seems to have had its Q&A section updated to state that gay visitors are welcome in the kingdom.

"Everyone is welcome to visit Saudi Arabia and visitors are not asked to disclose such personal details," is the website's response to the question on its FAQ page: "Are LGBT visitors welcome to visit Saudi Arabia?"

It is not known exactly when the website was updated. A spokesperson for the STA said the policy had previously been in place, but an archived version of the website on March 14, 2023 and before did not have the question and answer on the page.

Someone at the Hostage Affairs office at the State Department read this, sighed, slapped their knees and stood up and headed into work early today.