Pedro Pascal gives the middle finger to the Met Gala's "Karl Lagerfeld" theme

Social media is atwitter at Pedro Pascal's Met Gala outfit. The theme this year was "Karl Lagerfeld," which many celebrities and cultural critics have denounced. The Guardian explains why:

The theme for this year's Met Gala wasn't a concept; it was a person. But the organizers' departure from their usual theming convention wasn't the most controversial thing about the night.

The real issue is that Karl Lagerfeld, the man they've chosen to honor, was also notoriously fatphobic, anti-immigrant, possibly homophobic and accused of misogyny.

Pedro didn't want to honor Lagerfeld, so he didn't. Instead, he used the opportunity to wear a design from a competitor, Valentino, and to get his middle fingers manicured with the Valentino "V" logo—which played double duty as fashion statement and a not-so-subtle message to the folks honoring Lagerfeld. The manicure was done by nail artist Christina Tran, who is based in Eagle Rock, CA and who posted images on her Instagram.

I love Pedro Pascal's custom Valentino look—Esquire provides the details:

Pedro Pascal took to the red carpet in a black-and-red Valentino look: a vibrant, oversized red coat with a matching red poplin shirt, a black tie with a gold metal V, and very short black shorts. And, of course, a few key details—the Valentino V logo painted on his nails, a thin gold ring secured on his bottom lip, and a few chunky gold rings on his fingers. Hair elegantly slicked back. Knee popping out at every opportunity. Yeah, he really is the Internet's daddy.

On Instagram, Vana7384 commented, "It's giving sexy Kraftwerk and I'm not mad at it"—which is an absolutely perfect description. As much as I dig his Kraftwerk outfit, I love him flipping off the Met Gala folks even more. (And yes, yes, I get that he's also rich and privileged and benefiting from the very people he's flipping off, and that the Met Gala and high fashion are excessive and wasteful displays of wealth and privilege….but please, just let me enjoy this moment.)