Untrustworthy co-conspirator denies wrongdoing

Ordered by Leonardo Leo to "give" Ginni Thomas "another $25k," KellyAnne Conway is, of course, claiming this is just totally normal business as usual and there is nothing to see here. Conway then goes on to say things no one with 2 IQ points to rub together will trust, but MAGAs will accept as gospel.

Talk about alternative facts.

In addition to Ginni Thomas, whom Conway deems a very serious person, being very seriously suspected of participating in a plot to overthrow Democracy, her husband, Clarence's, complete failure to disclose that he has sold his soul to a billionaire has disappointed several members of Congress. While it is clear that Thomas is completely shady, the Chief Justice is dodging the idea of ethics reform as his wife's problematic business dealings are coming to light.

The Hill:

Former President Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on Friday defended payments she reportedly made to Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, at the behest of a conservative judicial activist.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that legal activist Leonard Leo instructed Conway, then a GOP pollster, to "give" Ginni Thomas "another $25K" in January 2012, emphasizing that there should be "no mention of Ginni, of course" in the paperwork.

Conway's firm, the Polling Company, billed a nonprofit Leo advises, then known as the Judicial Education Project, for $25,000 that day, the Post reported.