Voyagers is a forthcoming film about Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan's romance making the Voyager Golden Record

Voyagers—a film about Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan who fell in love during the 1977 monumental effort to create the Voyager Golden Record—will be directed by Sebastián Lelio ("A Fantastic Woman") and star Andrew Garfield ("Hacksaw Ridge") and Daisy Edgar-Jones ("Normal People"). Launched aboard the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes in 1977, the Golden Record is an incredible artifact that tells a story of our planet through sounds, images, and science. I co-produced the first terrestrial vinyl release of the Voyager Golden and Record and became friends with Ann over the course of that project. I'm thrilled that her story—which she's been wanting to cinematically tell for many years—will finally make it to the big screen. The film is being produced by Ann's longtime pal Lynda Obst ("Contact"), Ben Browning for FilmNation Entertainment, and Ann herself. Lelio and Jessica Goldberg wrote the screenplay. From Variety:

"Voyagers" unfolds in 1977 as NASA prepared to launch humanity's first interstellar probes. A team led by Sagan sets out to create a message to accompany them, known as the Golden Record, which included music and images, for possible alien civilizations.  But what starts out as a race-against-the-clock mission blossoms into a love story between Sagan and Druyan. FilmNation Entertianment paired Druyan, who married Sagan in 1981, with screenwriters Lelio and Jessica Goldberg. They then wrote the original screenplay based on interviews with Druyan and many others who worked on the Golden Record project[…]

"Imagine falling madly, truly in love with one of the greatest humans who ever lived, while creating a complex message about what it is to be alive, a golden record affixed to the first interstellar spacecraft launched by our species, bound to sail the Milky Way galaxy long after Earth ceases to exist," Druyan said. "It takes a movie to bring that mythic experience, that cosmic love story to vivid life.  After years of searching, I feel that we have found exactly the right colleagues and artists to capture the magic of it."