Watch these potoroos in a double-decker strawberry snacking session

This might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Behold, a mama potoroo and her baby, both munching away on strawberries. The footage was captured by Cleland Wildlife Park, which is near Adelaide, South Australia, and uploaded on their Instagram. What's a potoroo? A to Z animals explains:

This animal is considered to be a rat-kangaroo. It hops on its back feet like a kangaroo but looks like a rat. Living in various areas of Australia, these animals make their homes in the underbrush on forest floors. The diet of this marsupial includes both vegetation and insects.

This animal has dark brown or gray fur on its back and head as well as white hair on its belly. They have small ears, a long prehensile tail, and sharp claws. They can be 12 to 16 inches long and weigh two to four pounds. A 12-inch potoroo is equal in length to four-fifths of a bowling pin. If you were to pick up one that weighs four pounds, you would be holding an animal that is four-fifths the total weight of a chihuahua. The long-footed potoroo is the largest of all the species. It can reach 16 inches long and weigh just over five pounds.