Citing "evil forces" Marjorie Taylor Greene seemingly blames GOP for Texas shooting

Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for making shit up to suit her racist ideology, unwitting spoke the truth yesterday when she attributed the horrific shooting in Texas to "evil forces," among other factors.

From NBC News: "The two law enforcement officials said a preliminary review of what are believed to be the suspect's social media accounts reveal hundreds of posts that include racially or ethnically motivated violent rhetoric, including neo-Nazi material and content espousing white supremacy."

The alleged murderer wore a patch that read RWDS, which stands for Right Wing Death Squad, a phrase "popular among right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists," according to The Texas Tribune.

Responding to a since-deleted tweet, Greene wrote:

This is exactly what this monster deserves. Thank God for the brave officer that courageously ran into the line of fire to save others. We pray for the victims and their families and an end to the mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors.…