The NY Times wastes ink on Elizabeth Holmes

The only important thing to take away from the hundreds of words the New York Times just published on how Elizabeth Holmes is a con that doesn't want to go to jail is that Elizabeth Holmes is a con that doesn't want to go to jail. They had to print something after paying a well-known journalist to have her ass kissed by a wealthy woman and her wealthy boyfriend for a few days.

The NYT interviewed Elizabeth Holmes to see if there was some remorse or understanding of what she had done and regret her crimes. There is none. She is putting on a show to avoid jail, and the Justice system better be more competent. The entire article is "Watch a con artist work."

That Friday, the couple were getting ready to host a group of friends from the Bay Area. They invited me to stay. They repeatedly invited me to come back, to bring my family. We could all go to the zoo together.

I appreciated their hospitality, but I didn't fully understand it. Usually interview subjects can't wait to get rid of me.

Then I realized why they kept opening the door wider. Ms. Holmes is unlike anyone I've ever met — modest but mesmerizing. If you are in her presence, it is impossible not to believe her, not to be taken with her and be taken in by her. Liz Holmes and Billy Evans know that. I politely declined their invitation.