Behold this baby dik-dik named Petal

Edinburgh Zoo recently welcomed a baby dik-dik named Petal, born to parents Noodle and Drax. It's adorable, with its giant ears and eyes, and tiny pointy nose. Edinburgh News shares more details:

The zoo is now home to five Kirk's dik-diks. The species are one of the smallest types of antelope in the world and are native to the grasslands of Eastern Africa. As a newborn, Petal is tiny, but even adults dik-dik's only grow to a height of 40cm. The species get its name from the unique 'dik-dik' sound the animals make when afraid. When startled, dik-diks jump out from their hiding place and run in a series of zig-zag leaps, while making this call, to confuse predators.

There's a short video of the new dik-dik if you click through to the Edinburgh News site. And if you want to see more of these cuties, go follow Unsolicited Dik-Diks on Twitter!