Listen to the Kennedy administration fat shame kids in 1961

My junior high school hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was on his President's fitness council tour. I was surprised, decades later, as I entered physical therapy for "back problems," to learn that most of the exercises Arnold had taught us were part of the program my therapist chose for me. Pushups, dead bugs, and all sorts of stuff were very valuable, and I wish I had kept it up for life.

Here is a baffling early attempt to enthuse youth with a love of fitness. The Kennedy administration told kids not to be fat and had real problems with chickens. Chicken has always been the lean protein that ain't fish to me, but I guess chickens in the early 60s were different.

These days I live on a pilates reformer. I find it to be the best daily workout for my core that I can manage while also being fairly certain that minding my form will ensure I won't injure myself.

Features Image: YouTube/screengrab