Tour every Star Trek Enterprise bridge in new interactive web portal from Roddenberry Archive

Boldly go where few Star Trek fans have gone before. With a new interactive web portal from The Roddenberry Archive, you can now take a virtual tour of every iteration of the Starship Enterprise bridge. The portal features 360-degree, 3D models of the various versions of the USS Enterprise, along with a timeline of the ship's evolution throughout the franchise's history. (Open Culture)

Smithsonian Magazine:

The portal's creators also released a short video, narrated by actor John de Lancie, exploring every version of the Enterprise's bridge to date, "from its inception in Pato Guzman's 1964 sketches, through its portrayal across decades of TV shows and feature films, to its latest incarnation on the Enterprise-G, as revealed in the final episode of 'Star Trek: Picard,'" per the video description. Accompanying video interviews with "Star Trek" cast and crew—including William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the original series, and Terry Matalas, a showrunner for "Star Trek: Picard"—also explore the series' legacy.