Watch students reacting to ranch flavored ice cream

The ice cream collab between Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Hidden Valley Ranch has been available for several weeks now—have you tried it? Food and Wine has, and describes the flavor and the reactions of staffers:

… the feelings in the office were certainly mixed. With reactions ranging from "it's very garlic powder forward" to "it tastes like sweet ranch" to "I only wish I had french fries to pair it with" to "no," it's a flavor that may not be for everyone, but for those die-hard ranch fans out there, it's absolutely memorable. The ice cream is packed with the same flavorful herbs, buttermilk, and just the right amount of sweetness you find in the bottle.

The students at Grand Rapids Community College also recently conducted a taste test, which they posted on their YouTube channel:

After testing this new ice cream out on our reporters, The Collegiate staff set up our own mobile ice cream stand and traveled to various locations around campus to get feedback from Grand Rapids Community College students willing to try the dessert.

As you can see, student reactions were also mixed. Many said it was "weird." Others said it wasn't as terrible as they had expected, but it still wasn't good. What a resounding endorsement? I think I'll pass on this one. If you're compelled to try it out, you should hurry—it's only around until May 28.