Avoid data charges or SIM cards while traveling with this eSim Credit, now $25 for $50 worth of credit

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TL;DR: Avoid the headache of SIM cards or expensive data charges with the aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSim Credit. Right now, you can pay only $25 to get $50 worth of eSim credit for your phone — an incredible deal!

There are a lot of headaches that come with travel, and one of the biggest headaches occurs when it's time to figure out how to stay connected. Many phone plans will allow you to surf the internet, use messaging services, and make calls abroad these days, but it usually comes with a hefty fee. And while you can get a new temporary SIM card, that provides another headache, as it means you must use a new phone number.

aloSim, a digital sim card, solves all those issues. Essentially, you can connect with data networks in over 120 countries with no roaming charges at all once you activate aloSim. Think of it as applying mobile data to your phone! Best of all, you can now get it for a bargain: $24.99 gets you $50 worth of data credit.

You also have an affordable option of topping up your data if you run out. For example, you can get seven days of additional data for only $4.5. Using the internet internationally has never been so affordable.

Not only does aloSim allow you to use your phone abroad easily, but you can also use it for your laptops and tablets. Here's how it works:

  • Before your trip, select your preferred data package from alsoSim and install your digital sim card to the device you'd like to use abroad. 
  • Once downloaded, it'll automatically start working once you're abroad. Browse away!

It couldn't be simpler. As SaltWire put it, this "eSIM app [is] changing the way people use their phones on vacation." No more phone-related travel headaches — you can just enjoy your trip.

Of course, there are some notes you'll want to keep in mind when using this service:

  • Install your digital SIM card before your trip (ideally not with spotty airport WiFi) to ensure it's all in working order.
  • Unfortunately, the data does expire. It won't roll over for your next trip if you have leftover data — unless your travel is within the validity period. Then, it'll still work!

Stay connected to the internet on your international escapades.

Grab aloSIM now for just $24.99 and gain $50 of eSIM credit with your purchase.

Prices subject to change.