Source of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion "party noise" identified

Some Disneyland fans believe they've found the source of the party noises used in one of theme parkdom's most revered scenes: The epic Ballroom (or Grand Hall) Scene in Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion.

Major Records' "Sound Effects Vol VII's" Cocktail Party (No Music) track.

Seems to be no more than a fan theory, but to the extent that you can make out the party noises on Haunted Mansion ridethrough videos, it doesn't sound wrong.

Here's a ridethrough video taken at Disneyland in which the rider had the good fortune to have a ride malfunction cause their vehicle (Doom Buggy, for theme park nerds) to stop briefly while overlooking the ballroom, affording a longer look, and listen, to the room. Ballroom scene at 9:15. What do you think?

hat tip: @JustinRuka