As Twitter sinks, Musk rearranges the deck chairs

An announcement from Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk yesterday put the world on notice: he is adding functionality to the Twitter app that has nothing to do with their core mission, or that you don't already find elsewhere. It is as if Musk is investing what little resources he has left in new deck chairs for the Titanic after throwing all the old ones overboard just weeks ago.

Why would Twitter now seek to add voice calling and encrypted private messaging? Twitter is, first and foremost, a public messaging system. Musk has been diluting the value of that public messaging system by undermining its trust, and now he invests his remaining engineers in developing "trusted" private messaging that is already widely available and used in other apps.

How Musk plans to earn the revenue Twitter needs to finance its debt remains to be seen.


Twitter could launch encrypted direct messages on Wednesday, Elon Musk said, as the CEO outlined plans to boost communication features on the social media service.

Musk said in a tweet late Tuesday that the latest version of the Twitter app contains changes to direct messages or DMs — nonpublic messages users send to one another.

The CEO said users can now reply to any message in a DM thread, not just the most recent, as well as use any emoji to react to a message. Previously, users would only be able to reply to the latest message in a DM thread and only react with specific emojis.