Blogger Heather Armstrong has passed away

Heather Armstrong, the strong voice behind long-time super popular mommy blog Dooce, has passed away. Heather lost to her long and very public struggles with depression. This is monumentally heartbreaking.

One of my first memories in digital publishing was defending Heather's right to run a version of her ever-changing logo that said something about sucking balls or donkey dicks to a huge advertiser. We remained in touch over the years, most recently discussing her battles with depression and the treatments she was trying.

Our deepest condolences to her family.


Heather Armstrong, an explosively popular web writer and entrepreneur who, under the name Dooce, was hailed as the queen of the so-called mommy bloggers for giving millions of readers regular intimate glimpses of her joys and challenges in parenthood and marriage, as well as her harrowing struggles with depression, died on Tuesday at her home in Salt Lake City. She was 47.

Her death was announced on her Instagram channel. Pete Ashdown, her boyfriend, said the cause was suicide. He said he had found her body in the home.