Man killed as gas station gunman shoots every customer in the store

Samuel Anthony McCray, 27, was charged with first-degree murder, two counts of assault with intent to murder and four other felonies after shooting every customer in a Detroit-area gas station. After his card was declined, he attempted to leave with his items and the clerk remotely locked the door, trapping him inside. McCray, according to survivors, threatened to shoot everyone in the store if he were not allowed to leave–then did so, killing Gregory Karlos Samuel Fortner-Kelly and injuring several others.

David Langston says he pleaded "don't shoot" to the gunman, who, according to police, was angered in a dispute with the clerk over $3. He said his best friend, Gregory Karlos Samuel Fortner-Kelly, also begged the clerk to open the gas station's locked doors and let them out before being shot.The doors remained locked and the gunman shot the customers inside, Langston told Free Press reporter Jasmin Barmore, who is a friend of the victims.Langston, Fortner-Kelly and another patron were shot. Fortner-Kelly, 37, was killed.