Milo Yiannopoulous may have scammed Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kanye West

A recent Daily Beast article shares all sorts of wacky dealings in the GQP's wacko wing. Receipts show that Milo Y ran a scam on MTG and the old Kanye West!

On the same day that Milo had arranged a fateful dinner for Kanye with former President Donald Trump and another noted anti-semite, Nick Fuentez, receipts have surfaced showing that Milo used MTG's campaign funds credit card to purchase a domain name for as yet unannounced Kanye West 2024 Presidential run. Milo then overcharged the Kanye campaign for personal reimbursement. It is unclear if Milo even gave Marge back the thousands it cost her campaign.

While we all expect Milo to misbehave, stealing from other wingnuts seems pretty bad. It is also unclear why Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump's best friend in Congress, is helping Kanye prep a run against him. Trump may want the confusion, but I think his sheep are wandering away.

Daily Beast:

The transactions are coming to light after Ye's latest treasurer, Patrick Krason, resigned on Monday—the second treasurer to jump ship within the last six months. A leaked internal email, first reported by Politico, shows Krason expressing concern that Yiannopoulos had "submitted falsified invoices for expenditures that would be deemed unlawful." And the receipts were first published on Twitter by far-right activist Laura Loomer, though The Daily Beast obtained them from a different source. Treasurers carry personal liability for the accuracy and truthfulness of each report they submit to the government, under penalty of law.

"First, there's the question of Milo using the Greene campaign credit card without authorization, which could amount to theft," he said. "Then there's the personal use question. Campaign funds cannot be used for personal benefit, and if it's accidental it needs to be repaid immediately."

Libowitz added that if the Greene campaign had been aware of the transaction—which was conducted in the campaign manager's name, and which Greene's treasurer signed off on in the campaign's post-general report—then "the Greene campaign would appear to be complicit in facilitating the conversion of campaign funds to Milo's personal use."

Of course the DB reports that Milo Y. has denied all wrongdoing.