This AI-Powered Camera Drone takes aerial photography to a new level for only $150

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TL;DR: The AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone can take incredible high-definition photos and videos in the sky. Thanks to the AI-powered autofly technology, it can even fly itself! It'll use motion tracking to get the best shots and is now on sale for only $149.99.

Anyone who's ever used a drone knows they're incredibly fun. But one of the most valuable aspects of a drone is the incredible imagery they can capture from heights we can only dream of reaching, as The New York Times has noted. From so far up in the sky, you can't exactly position a drone to get the perfect shot, especially of yourself — but that's all changed with this AI-powered drone.

The AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone flies itself when it's in AI-powered Autofly Mode, and uses top AI programming and motion tracking to follow your movements for the perfect photo or video capture. No smartphone or remote needed! And while it may sound high-tech, you can get it for an incredible price at only $149.99 with no coupon necessary.

It's not just the fact this drone basically flies itself that sets it apart from other competitors. The high-definition 12MP photos and HD videos are absolutely gorgeous and literally give you a bird's-eye view of the activity you captured. Plus, you can instantly share your amazing new photos and videos on social media with the AIR NEO app. 

Some drones can be bulky to travel with, but not this one. The AIR NEO drone was designed to be portable. It's so small and lightweight you can just put it in your pocket and bring it wherever you go. This drone is built to be on the go and help you capture stunning images wherever you are.

Other cool features include its quick-charging feature, meaning you won't have to stress about the drone not having enough time to charge before your red-eye flight or days-long road trip. And with 16 gigabytes of memory, you'll have plenty of room to store every memory you make with this drone.

Change the way you take photos and videos forever with this unique AI-powered tool.

Grab the AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone now for just $149.99.

Prices subject to change.