Check out Eduardi Tsokolakyan's insane portrait-cutting skills

The beautiful thing about art is that there's no "right way" to do it. Unlike math and science, which each possesses a strict set of rules, art is 100% malleable. In every medium, there are very few standards for what defines art. Moreover, the greatest strides in our perception of art are born from innovators who ignore time-honored traditions to forge a new path.

Similar to the theory that governs art, the same concept applies to its execution. Who says that a portrait has to be a painting? Sure, that's the medium that's commonly associated with portraits, but in the hands of a master, any medium can produce a portrait. In the video linked above, you can check out Eduardi Tsokolakyan using scissors and paper to create a stunning picture of footballer Erling Haaland. The video is proof positive that there are infinite ways for one to express their creativity.