CNN learned nothing from their 2016 election coverage

"It's hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday evening." –CNN's Oliver Darcy

Mere hours after Donald Trump was found guilty of sexual assault and ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $5,000,000 CNN welcomed him and a room full of adoring Trump supporters back on the air for a "Town Hall." Trump played his normal "gish gallop" and spewed lies like explosive diarrhea. The backlash is so bad even CNN had to cover it.

The horrible way Trump was allowed to discuss E. Jean Carroll in this town hall should have CNN and Trump in court again. He is lying, he was just found guilty of having sexually assaulted her. I have only watched clips of the CNN event, and they sicken me. The suspension of disbelief necessary for Trump supporters to be as they are, continually stoking their dumpster fire, not only baffles but also chills me. I frequently feel like we are losing.

AOC usually gives me a lot more hope than she did in this interview. She made things feel very dire.