Explore the best of Mmm, the simple, vaguely post-vaporwave website builder

I featured Mmm on Webcurios YEARS ago when it first came out – it's one of those lightweight, 'build a no-code online presence with a vaguely-00s, slightly post-vaporwave aesthetic'-type services, and thanks to Andy Baio I found out this week that they now have this section on their site which showcases some of the ways people have used the service and the things they have built with it. On the one hand, this is a genuinely-interesting way of seeing some…very idiosyncratic page design in some VERY bright colours; on the other, this is a really lovely way of exploring a bunch of complete strangers' personal websites and going wandering through other people's heads (in the digital sense – I'm not suggesting anything invasive here, promise) which, frankly, is very much the whole point of Curios and which I heartily endorse as a pastime.