Ron DeSantis signs laws banning foreign citizens from owning land in Florida

The "stream of alien blood", as U.S. Representative Albert Johnson once put it, may yet be stanched. Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed laws that restrict foreign ownership of land in Florida, including one that bans Chinese citizens from owning land unless they are also U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

In a recent news release, the Republican announced his signing of that bill and two others which are meant to "counteract" what he described as "the malign influence of the Chinese Communist party in the state of Florida". … Last month, ahead of the bill's signing, more than 100 protesters testified against the legislation, adding that it would discriminate against Florida's Chinese population, USA Today reported.

"My concern is this bill will affect people like me who want to own a home," said Florida college student Victoria Li, through tears. "We're scared, we're terrified. That's what we came here for. We have the American dream. That's why, at my age, I'm still going to school."

The funny part is that it does nothing to stop the Chinese Communist Party owning land in Florida, easily accomplished through LLCs or other legal vehicles. It's all about sending a message.