Trippy wearable AI tech offers a screenless future

In this TED Talk, Imran Chaudhri, a former Apple designer and co-founder of Humane, shows off his company's new product – a rectangular AI-powered device with a camera and listening capabilities that's small enough to fit on a shirt pocket – offering a sneak peek into the future of technology. As part of the demo, he answers a call from his wife from a projection on the palm of his hand. In another, it shows off its language translation features.

You'll note that's me, and my voice, speaking fluent French, using an AI speech model that's part of my own AI. This is not a deepfake. In fact, it's deeply profound. This is my AI giving me the ability to speak any language and you having a chance to hear me speak that language in my own emotion and my own voice.

The device can also provide personalized recommendations, like avoiding certain foods due to intolerances, and read schedules or upcoming meetings by integrating with other devices and services.

What is this mad gadgetry? He explains:

It's a new kind of wearable device and platform that's built entirely from the ground up for artificial intelligence. And is completely standalone. You don't need a smartphone or any other device to pair with it. In fact, I'm wearing one right now. And it interacts with the world the way you interact with the world. Hearing what you hear, seeing what you see. While being privacy-first and safe and completely fading into the background of your life.