Disgraced Michael Flynn hits QAnon conspiracist with $150,000 lawsuit

Michael Flynn, the disgraced former national security adviser who pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI about conversations with Russia's ambassador, is suing a QAnon conspiracist named Jim Stewartson who claims Flynn invented QAnon.

You would think Flynn would enjoy being credited as the inventor of the crackpot conspiracy. After all, he's profited handsomely by associating himself with Q-minded folks.

From The New York Times February 6, 2021 article "Pushing QAnon and Stolen Election Lies, Flynn Re-emerges":

Mr. Flynn's dark view of Islam and eagerness to cultivate President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia have given way to an embrace of QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory, and a readiness to question the very fabric of American democracy. He has swapped a government job and an obsessive focus on "radical Islamic terrorism" for selling QAnon-branded T-shirts and a new media partnership with conspiracy theorists called Digital Soldiers.

But Flynn doesn't want the credit, he wants $150,000.

From Vice:

The lawsuit includes a lengthy list of Stewartson's "pernicious lies" about Flynn, which it says include "accusing him of committing treason and domestic terrorism, working for Vladimir Putin, being a Russian asset, stealing the 2016 election, working to overthrow the United States government, planning and executing a violent insurrection, being a leader of QAnon, being a Nazi, waging psychological warfare on the American people, wanting a second Holocaust, using ISIS radicalization techniques on the American people, torturing prisoners, and literally trying to murder former Vice President Mike Pence." The lawsuit says Stewartson has made these claims to boost his profile and profit from subscriptions to his podcast and Substack account. Flynn is seeking $150,000 in damages from Stewartson.