Man shot at 47 times by cops sues them

Trevor Mullinax is two things: he is an American man suing the cops, and he is a monument to their astonishingly inept marksmanship. Shot at 47 times during a mental health crisis, Mullinax survived to level charges against York County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina.

The four sheriff's deputies started shooting only a few seconds after arriving on the scene and yelling "Hands!" several times, as seen in police dash cam video released by Mullinax's lawyers. The barrage lasted all of five seconds, leaving the pickup windshield riddled with bullet holes."Those officer went out there like John Wayne cowboys. They came out there like gunslingers," attorney Justin Bamberg said at a news conference Tuesday. Prosecutors reviewing the case did not charge the four deputies who shot at Mullinax

Mullinax faces a charge of presenting a firearm and a warrant "on a different charge" that his lawyers say there are no court records for.