Paul Gosar reacts to story about shooting immigrants: "There's a bunch of people ready to go into action"

Comedian Walter Masterson posted this video today of an exchange he and a colleague had with United States Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ 4). He explains in his tweet: "I spoke with Congressman Paul Gosar about shooting immigrants and this was his exact response." Here's the transcript:

Masterson/Under Current (UC): I'm actually a huge fan of everything you've done for election integrity and everything. I'm just, especially protecting our Southern border. 

Paul Gosar (PG): [nods] MmmHmm.

UC: My family's ranch is down in Yuma and we have illegals on our land.

PG: Absolutely

UC: We've shot at them and you know, our Second Amendment rights to stand our ground. I'm worried that the Democrats are gonna send me to jail, you know, if I hit one of them.

PG: MmmHmm.

UC: Right?

PG: They have more rights than we do.

UC: Yeah, it's like I can't shoot at them, when you know, as they cross the border and stuff.

PG: [nods]

UC: I think I might have hit someone. I might have hit someone. And I'm like, I was distressed about it for a week.

PG: MmmHmm.

UC: Yeah, and so I just thank you for everything you're doing.

PG: You're certainly welcome.

UC: Well—and everything and for election integrity.

PG: Say a prayer because this country needs you. There's a bunch of people that are ready to go into action.

UC: Yeah, actually, yeah. And could you help support pardons for people that were using their Second Amendment rights against people trying to come to the border?

PG: Well, I tell you, if Kari is going to do what she says she's going to do, and call, charge the emergency order out of the State of Arizona, and she puts the National Guard on the border, I guarantee you, you're gonna have a response.

UC: Okay, Good.

PG: You're gonna have a response.

UC: My parents immigrated here legally. That's the way you have to do it–

PG: Absolutely, absolutely. There's a right way and a wrong way.

I wonder what Paul Gosar means when he says "There's a bunch of people that are ready to go into action." Seems nobody learned anything from January 6. Also, who's gonna tell Paul Gosar you can't just go around shooting people? And that Kari Lake isn't going to be putting the National Guard on any border anytime soon? Please, Arizona, can we start electing fewer Paul Gosars and more Raúl Grijalvas?