Enjoy this video of a tiny, growing hummingbird family

This lovely colibrí (hummingbird) and their two littles gifted Billie Rose from Lilbilliedesigns with their presence, and Billie Rose, in turn, blessed us with this short reel of their feeding, growing, and eventual flight. The nest is architecturally gorgeous, blending feathers and the tiny seeds of the host tree. The aviary affection and the warmth of these soon-to-be winged creatures waiting for food and then eventually flying into the world might be the perfect reminder of beauty's universe of small joys. My favorite moment is when the little chicks stick out their slender tongues.

"From laying eggs to flying away! We were so lucky to watch these babies grow and we just happened to find them in our pomegranate tree after they left the nest with their mama guiding them. Watch till the end to see one of them flutter away 💕✨simply magical✨💕"

Billie Rose is "Creatively fueled and stifled by ADHD 🌻✨ #neurodivergent #maker"

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