This eBike makes cycling easier and more fun than ever before — and you can score it for half off

TL;DR: The BirdBike eBike is an electronic, battery-powered bike that offers a smooth, quick, and comfortable ride. Typically retailing for $2,299, it's now on sale for only $999.99.

Electronic bikes are changing the game when it comes to transportation. As they're powered by batteries, they give you a kick that makes you bike faster than ever before, even though it feels like much less effort. For people who sometimes struggle with riding a bike, this can be a particularly appealing feature, and even diehard bikers to ride will enjoy soaring through town with ease.

While an electronic bike may seem like a pricey purchase, one top model is now on sale: the BirdBike eBike. Typically $2,299, this innovative eBike is now on sale for only $999.99. That's an over 50% discount on this highly-rated bike and the best pricing you'll find anywhere online. No coupon needed!

There's a lot to love about the BirdBike eBike. First, you can ride it for long periods, as the 36V/12.8Ah removable battery can last quite a while. And with a powerful 500W motor, you can hit great speeds as you cycle (just push on the very responsive throttle), whether you're trying to make it to work in time or just enjoying the thrill of a bike ride. Plus, it's sleek and stylish (seriously, we love the elegant frame).

The BirdBike also has a LED dash display to show your speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life, and other important info in a pinch. It even comes with an anti-theft alarm that rings at 120 decibels, so you can rest easy knowing your eBike is safe even when you're not using it.

With its incredible features and powerful battery, it's no wonder people love their BirdBikes. One verified buyer raved, "I've been wanting an eBike forever and so happy I could get one from Bird! My favorite part is how easy it is to switch modes and all of the mode options – e-assist various levels, sport, eco, etc. The screen is also beautiful and very high-tech."

Start riding around in style with an electronic bike made for all sorts of adventures.

Grab the BirdBike eBike now for just $999.99 (reg. $$2,299). This is the best price you'll find online. 

Prices subject to change.