Your childhood's calling, and it wants you to play all of your favorite retro games on this TV console

TL;DR: Have 117,000 retro games at your disposal with the Super Console X King Retro Game Console, now on sale for only $328.99.

You've just been informed that your rent is going up a few hundred bucks next month, have over 20 unanswered emails waiting in your inbox, and your dog just chewed up your favorite pair of sandals. To put it lightly, adulting can be rough, which is why a little escapism is more than welcome from time to time, especially in the form of your favorite old-school video games.

Whether you need to wind down after a busy workday or want to show your niece or nephew some of the fantastic games you played with when you were a kid, it's always a good time to indulge in any of the retro games available in the Super Console X King. Providing you with over 117,000 games, this TV box turned game console can seriously spice up your home entertainment setup no matter how "adult" you're feeling these days. 

This unique TV box is incredibly compatible, as it boasts the Android 9.0 system, which means it can easily connect with Google, YouTube, and most other software and apps you use daily. The box also runs smoother than any other game console you'll find on the market, thanks to its generous 4G RAM and 64G ROM.

From its 4K Ultra-HD picture quality that takes your viewing experience up a few crystal-clear notches to its included smart controller that provides you with a smooth, comfortable grip as you play your favorite retro games, the Super Console X King is great for gamers, families, and everyone in between.

And while gaming is incredibly fun, whether that's solo or with friends, it's also been proven to ease stress and put a smile on your face thanks to the dopamine release they provide people with, according to

Give yourself a break from adulting with a plethora of nostalgic games.

Grab the Super Console X King Retro Game Console with 117,000 pre-loaded games now for just $328.99 (reg. $599).

Prices subject to change.