Artist creates everyday objects out of Lego

Meet Ian Summers, a Lego artist who goes by the name "Bricktacular Builds" on Instagram. He recently posted this cool Lego build that looks like an egg being cracked into a frying pan. It has a beautiful simplicity (although I'm sure it was actually more complicated to build than it appears), and looks so much like a real egg, it's uncanny. 

On his Instagram you'll find more of his cool creations. He builds characters from movies and videogames, like this awesome Lego Groot, but the builds I find the most compelling are the ones featuring everyday and utilitarian objects, like the Lego cassette player he built alongside Groot. I also love this coffee maker, these AirPods, and this vacuum cleaner (and the little Lego guy about to be sucked up is a cute touch!).

For more of Ian's work, go check out his Instagram, where he also posts instructions so you can learn how to create the Lego objects he posts!