Company will send you a free 55-inch TV with ads playing non-stop at the bottom and camera tracking your behavior

You can have a free 55-inch 4K TV so long as you're OK with a narrow second screen at the bottom that plays non-stop ads (along with news, sports scores, etc.). According to Telly—which is the latest venture from Pluto TV co-founder Ilya Pozin—they'll deliver sets this summer to the first 500,000 people who reserve them. An Android TV streaming stick ships with the TV.

From The Verge:

While ads shouldn't interrupt whatever you're watching on the main display, Telly's chief strategy officer, Dallas Lawrence, tells The Verge that ads might utilize both displays when you're not using the TV. "When the Theatre display (top screen) is not in use, the ad unit could come to life in a fun way connecting both," Lawrence says. "There are literally hundreds of things we are thinking about to create the most engaging ad experience ever." Lawrence also says that Telly is also working on "Telly Rewards" that will reward users with a gift card to services like Netflix or Starbucks for participating in things like on-screen polls[…]

Equipped with a camera and microphone and paid for by the brands that show you ads, having a Telly in your home has clear privacy implications that might go beyond the tracking used by Vizio, Roku, LG, Samsung, and other TV manufacturers. On its viewing and activity data policy, Telly says it "may collect information about the audio and video content you watch, the channels you view, and the duration of your viewing sessions," along with information about "how you interact" with the TV. That includes your search queries, the buttons you select, as well as the "physical presence of you and any other individuals using the TV at any given time."

You can opt out of sharing your data but the TOS require you to then return the TV to Telly or pay $500.