"Free speech absolutist" caves to government censorship in Turkey

Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk makes a lot of noise about free speech but doesn't appear to stand by it. Having called himself a "free speech absolutist," Musk has sought to obscure the sources of content on Twitter, reduce restrictions on hateful content, and mislabel news sources to create confusion. Now Twitter is blocking some content in Turkey at the behest of a President embroiled in a close race that is headed to a run-off.

Washington Post:

Matt Yglesias, a liberal Washington D.C. blogger, tweeted Saturday morning that "the Turkish government asked Twitter to censor its opponents right before an election and @elonmusk complied."

Musk — who is planning to step down as CEO in the coming weeks but will continue to run much of the company as chief technology officer — responded and defended the company's decision.

"Did your brain fall out of your head, Yglesias?" Musk tweeted. "The choice is have Twitter throttled in its entirety or limit access to some tweets. Which one do you want?"

When it comes to misinformation vs no information, Elon clearly goes with the pageviews and ad avails and not the public good. Let the users in Turkey try a VPN!