It did not take Sherlock Holmes to match a severed hand with its dismembered victim

Around the same time a patient missing his hand entered a local ER, someone else reported finding a hand to the Riverside police. At 58 seconds into this video, Riverside PD seems pretty proud they put "two and two together." While the local constabulary was able to reason this mystery out, they have not managed to locate the sword-wielding attacker who dismembered their victim and witness.

Yes, sword-wielding!

This attack was part of a longer-running disagreement between the disarmed gentleman and the armed with a sword guy. Both participants appear to be unhoused. Perhaps one will now reside in jail. I would assume the de-handed person can supply a name.

NY Post:

Police in Riverside, 55 miles east of Los Angeles, were alerted to the medieval dismemberment when several residents called 911 to report a severed hand lying on the sidewalk in a downtown neighborhood around 10:30 p.m., officials said.

A short time later, a man missing a hand checked into a local hospital and told doctors the injury was caused by someone who was swinging a sword, according to police.