Jen Psaki mocks Lindsey Graham and other "family values" leaders for embracing sexual predator Donald Trump (video)

Jen Psaki calls out Republican leaders for accepting sexual abuse as part of their "family values" campaign.

"No matter how hard they try to spin themselves as the party of family values … That's hard to do with a straight face given that the defacto leader of their party has now been branded a sexual abuser," the former White House press secretary said on MSNBC about ex-game show host Donald Trump, who "openly mocked his accuser" after he was found liable for sexual abuse by a New York jury last week.

Such as Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, who with a straight face said about the jury's verdict, "Trump has been amazing in his ability to weather these sorts of attacks. "Amazing, that's amazing," Psaki sarcastically said, mocking the Trump loyalist who voted against investigating the Capitol insurrection in 2021.

And the ignorant "family values" bigot Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, "who said the ruling only makes him 'want to vote for [Trump] twice,'" Psaki said, repeating for good measure, "You heard that right! Trump's sexual abuse makes the Senator want to vote for him twice."

And then there's the biggest milquetoast of them all, Senator Lindsey Graham, who called the jury's finding "off the rails." Which makes sense, considering the petulant lapdog believes the only women who "have a place in America" are gals who strongly believe in religion and forced birth.

And Senator Marco Rubio. And former VP and yes-man Mike Pence. And presidential candidate Nikki Haley. These morally bankrupt frauds can talk about "groomers" and "wokeness" until they are blue (or red, as it were) in the face, but, as Psaki points out, "that plan has one big problem, and his name is Donald Trump." (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

Front page thumbnail image: Jen Psaki / MSNBC