Listen to Shaq's new nü-metal song

Shaquille O'Neal is no stranger to song. The basketball player and celebrated actor from such memorable films as Kazaam and Steel had a previous dalliance in the music industry, releasing a run of hip-hop albums at the height of his athletic fame in the mid-90s (the first album went platinum and the second one went gold).

But now, the Shaq Attaq is Baq with a nü metal-tinged single that samples from "Bodies" by Drowning Pools.

Instead of letting the bodies hit the floor in the fit of a high-gain guitar angst, however, Shaq has opted to let that booty-lovin' bass groove rid, so that the only thing hitting the floor is the Thotties.

Get it? 'Cause "thotties" rhymes with "bodies?" So now it's a song about sexy people hitting the floor. Get it?

This is apparently not the first time that "Bodies" has been sampled for a hip-hop song, either. According to, it's been used in at least 33 other songs. Nor is it Shaq's first flirtation with nü-metal, having previously collaborated with 311 back in 2001. Shaq supposedly had a whole nü-metal album planned, that was eventually scrapped for one reason or another — just like his character John Henry Irons in the movie Steel.