Lizzo shares clip of her flute-playing appearance ahead of Simpsons' season finale

Lizzo will make a guest appearance in the upcoming The Simpsons' Season 34 finale, playing both a cartoonified version of herself and as Homer's elven spirit guide. The Grammy-winning superstar released a sneak peek of her spot on her Instagram Sunday, commenting, "Every Icon has been on @thesimpsons — now I can add my name to the list! Thank you to the whole team for making this a dream come true."

In the clip, she's shown playing the show's theme on her beloved flute (named Sasha), with Lisa on saxophone and Bart playing Homer's face for the beat. Sasha, in her own post, bragged a little about her cameo, "IM OFFICIALLY THE MOST FAMOUS FLUTE IN D WORLD."

The episode, titled "Homer's Adventure Through the Windshield Glass," premieres May 21.