Plane passenger urinates on his seat, then tries to urinate on a passenger

Perhaps in an attempt to show up infamous airplane defecator Gerard Finneran, a drunk Emirates passenger urinated on his own seat, then attempted to urinate on another passenger.

The Telegraph's Consumer Champion, Katie Morley, received a letter from the would-be victim "ES," which read:

Some hours into the flight we became aware of a very rowdy group in the bar area. 

One of the men drunkenly approached my seat and wanted to sit down, convinced it was his. His friend led him away, but then around an hour or so later, the same thing happened once more.

This time one the one of the stewards removed him, as my husband had already alerted them to the situation. 

But still, it happened a third time, and this time as he approached me he undid his trousers and it looked like he was going to urinate at my seat. 

My husband had to push him away. Apparently this man had already urinated on his own seat.

When "ES" complained to Emirates Airlines about overserving the urinator, it offered "ES" 20,000 air miles as a "gesture of goodwill." After Morley brought the incident to the public's attention, it upped the offer to 60,000 air miles.

Morely wrote:

Why Emirates couldn't just return the points in full to keep you happy, I have no idea. Quite frankly, its response to your horrible ordeal has been a complete joke. 

To date it hasn't provided me with any detail about how the complaint was dealt with, although it told you something vague about it having stopped serving the man alcohol.

If this is how Emirates handles complaints from its loyal customers flying business class, then I dread to think how the fodder in cattle class would be treated if something goes wrong. 

Not impressed.