Pop-rock duo Sparks' hilarious new song is told from a newborn baby's point of view

Aww, poor baby. A mere 22 hours out of the womb and you already want to go back. I feel ya. But, aren't you glad you have pop-rock duo Sparks to tell your story in song? "Nothing is as Good as They Say It Is" is the tune. See what you think, little baby, 'cause there's no turning back now.

Mama mama, is there a remedy
Can I just go back to where I used to be
I was happy where I was previously
Just floating there, stood tall

Mama mama, please sympathise
This has been such a bad surprise
I won't ask any more from you
I can live with a lousy viеw

Nothing is as good as they say it is
That's the way it is, I wish I'd known beforеhand
I was born just 22 hours ago
But I've seen enough to make a wise decision