Video is all that was caught during this shark attack

I guess this shark thought the kayak was food or that some food might fall out by banging on it hard! The video is dramatic, however, and I'd have screamed in a higher pitch and probably for longer than fisherman Scott Haraguchi.

The video takes place about 2mi off of Oahu and Haraguchi did an amazing job of not just falling out of the boat in a panic.


Haraguchi manages to kick the shark with his left foot, and it goes back into the water. He said later he initially thought the animal was a turtle before he realized he just had a close encounter with a shark.

"Tiger shark!" Haraguchi yells out in the video after the attack. "Tiger shark rammed me. Holy f-."

He wrote on YouTube that it all happened so fast he didn't realize exactly what happened until he checked out the GoPro footage at home.

I used to kayak fish in San Francisco and once had a stripped bass pull me all over Richardson Bay. That was scary enough!