After George Soros dumps Tesla stock, Elon Musk says "Soros hates humanity"

Last week, Soros Fund Management sold off its entire stake in Tesla stock. Today, Musk fired off a tweet saying, "Soros reminds me of Magneto," referring to the Marvel antihero who survived the Holocaust.

Atlantic staff writer Yair Rosenberg's reply shows that he knows more about Magneto and Soros than Musk does:

George Soros is an avowed universalist who grew up speaking Esperanto, an artificial universal language that was meant to unite all people under one tongue. Magneto is an avowed particularist who devotes all his energy to his own people, mutants. Literally ideological opposites! You might say Soros and Magneto represent polar opposite Jewish responses to the Holocaust: What will save the Jews from another genocide — a universal liberal order or particularist self-reliance? But then you'd have to know anything about either of them.