Amazing video of Russian soldier surrendering to drone in Ukraine

According to a Ukranian official, this dramatic video from a drone shows a Russian soldier in a trench in Bakhmut, Ukraine, surrendering to the drone, and then being led by the drone across a perilous battle zone to safety.

From a Business Insider article about the video (link here):

"In the footage, the soldier can be seen making various signals to the drone indicating he doesn't want to fight, [Vitaliy Matvienko, the spokesperson for Ukraine's "I Want to Live" surrender hotline] said. At one stage he makes a pleading motion, while at another, it looks like he is offering to tear the insignia from his shoulder.

"The drone drops him a package containing a note which, per Matvienko, tells him to surrender and to follow it.

"But the soldier points to himself and shakes his head, making a slicing motion across his neck — seemingly to say that he would be killed if he fled. 

But the Russian soldier then does follow the drone across a devastated landscape, past corpses and explosive fire from Russians, and finally into a bunker where he is taken into captivity.

Warning, this video includes graphic, upsetting images.