Amazon is now developing another Lord of the Rings MMO

After their mediocre colonialism simulator New World, Amazon is stepping back into the MMO space. This time, they're bringing out the big guns: The Lord of the Rings IP, which Amazon is leasing from its current owner Embracer Group. This comes after the news that a previous LotR MMO fell through in 2021, but the current team are apparently determined to make this "the largest MMO out there". The devs do seem like consummate nerds – some apparently speak Elvish in the office – which is what you want for an undertaking of this scale.

There is, however, already a Lord of the Rings MMO out there: the somewhat unimaginatively-titled Lord of the Rings Online, which has no affiliation with Amazon and has been turning a profit since 2007. The already tightly-packed MMO space may not have room for two set in the same world featuring the same characters, and the mere existence of Lord of the Rings Online may in itself consign Amazon's upcoming project to the same fate as New World. Only time will tell, since this new project is still evidently some years away from release.