Texas 12-year-old charged with murder after shooting Sonic restaurant employee

A 12-year-old shot and killed Matthew Davis, an employee at a Sonic restaurant in Keene, Texas, after he admonished the child's adult companion for being disorderly in the parking lot. Keene Police Department writes that both Angel Gomez of Ft. Worth and the child were charged with murder.

he argument soon became physical. During the altercation, a juvenile also of Ft. Worth and a passenger in the suspect's vehicle, retrieved a firearm and fired multiple shots, striking the victim.

Gomez and the juvenile then fled the area. During the investigation, Gomez returned to the scene where he was taken into custody. Further investigation led officers including area law enforcement agencies to a location in Rio Vista where they were able to locate the juvenile and recover several firearms. The juvenile was taken into custody.

There's a funeral fundraiser for Davis.