Watch seven mongooses and a squirrel bully a cobra (video)

This wild scene occurred in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park within the Kalahari Desert.

"We were having lunch in Nossob campsite after a morning game drive," Lara De Matos told Latest Sightings. We were a bit disappointed because there had been no real exciting sightings. My husband was the first person to see the activity at the campsite near the swimming pool area. We saw the cape cobra and ground squirrels and knew something was bound to happen! We grabbed our cameras, and set off for a closer view."

When we got closer we saw that the ground squirrels were trying to keep the cape cobra away from their underground burrows, where they raise their young. The squirrels took turns constantly attacking the cobra from different angles. Suddenly a mongoose appeared and took over. At that stage, the ground squirrels took a rest and watched from the side as the mongoose had its moment to defend and attack."

image: Martin Prochazkacz/Shutterstock