Yet again, the Magic Kingdom erupts in violence

A family wanted to take a photo in front of the 100th Anniversary statue at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, but the folks they asked to move didn't want to. Fisticuffs!

Two families got into a physical fight at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park, video shows. According to Florida deputies, one of the families wanted to take a picture in front of the 100th Anniversary statue and asked another family to move. A punch was thrown and a fight ensued, official said. Two people were trespassed from the property.

–FOX 35 Orlando

I can not understand going to a theme park without having adopted, in advance, the attitude I am going to have fun and be super polite and accepting of everyone around me without needing to know or guess why. This may be someone's only opportunity to visit that Disney park, or get that photo, or popcorn bucket, or whatever the thing is, and I do not want to be the reason their day wasn't special.