A $14 million penthouse atop the tilting Millennium Tower is up for sale, again

While the opportunity to own a penthouse offering fantastic views of San Francisco and its surrounding bay might sound good, the idea of owning one in the Millennium Tower should give anyone pause. The incredible circus arising from corner and cost-cutting at this skyscraper, the resultant lawsuits, and the engineering fix have not exactly instilled confidence in this building's future.

The wise real estate investor who paid $13 million for this penthouse in 2016 wants to sell it for $14 million in 2023. In California, this amounts to losing money on the place if it sells at all.

SF Gate:

"Now, following multiple years of construction, 301 Mission is fully anchored to bedrock, with street-side construction activities scheduled to complete Q3 2023," the new Sotheby's listing for "Grand Penthouse A" reads.  

The tower's spokesperson, Doug Elmets, told SFGATE on Tuesday that the building should soon be resting on bedrock, not the deep sand that was reportedly to blame for its notorious, lopsided history

The seller of the property is reportedly tech veteran Craig Ramsey, a longtime Salesforce board member. According the the Wall Street Journal, Ramsey bought the condo in 2016 for $13 million despite knowing it wasn't on level ground. "I knew the building was tilting," Ramsey told the Journal. "I got a very good discount because of that fact."

The luxe pad was listed Tuesday for a square $14 million, making it the priciest listing in the blighted building since the tilt was discovered seven years ago. SFGATE asked Lynn if the tilt is in any way noticeable from inside the penthouse. "It's not noticeable to the naked eye," said Lynn, who has represented numerous sales at 301 Mission. 

That is a mighty powerful "should soon be."

The realtor's video tour from the prior sale in 2016 is a lot of fun, however.

$14 million dollars to live in Westin-hotel alike where your drink never sits level!