Atlanta's anonymous Boot Girls will remove the boot on your car wheel for $50

"You got a boot? We can take that shit off."  That's the Instagram pitch from the Boot Girls, a duo of underground entrepreneurs in Atlanta who, for $50, will remove the boot from your car. The women, who previously worked as beauticians, say they do about 40 jobs per day. Check out their work below. Meanwhile, a new bill introduced in the Georgia Legislature would, if passed, ban booting by parking enforcement across the state. From NPR:

The pair started the business after Boot Sheisty's car got booted while visiting her friend and now-business partner at her apartment complex in April.

Instead of paying the parking enforcement company to have the device removed, they connected with a friend who had a key that could unlock the boot. The pair decided to buy their own keys and "ever since then, we just went on our bull****," Boot Sheisty said.

The Boot Girls obtained their keys from Christian Verrette, owner of ATL Boot Key[…]

"[U]nlike previously, there's a little bit more momentum [for the anti-booting legislation] this time around, thanks in part to the Boot Girls," [anti-booting attorney Matt] Wetherington said. "In what other instance could you ever imagine, where you have someone who says, 'I will charge you $50 to give you back access to your property' and then turn into a celebrity? Just think about how messed up that is for our city. It shouldn't be that way. But that shows you just how bad and just how pervasive booting is in Atlanta."